3D Game The Adventures in ASCcity – Free

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3D Game The Adventures in ASCcity – Free

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  • Adventures in ASCcity is a 3D mobile game fully in Portuguese, where you command a character who tries to succeed in a small, modern and dangerous city.

    For this you will need to conquer your space by working, negotiating and making contacts with the people who inhabit the place. Your negotiation skills and choices will decide your character’s fate and life.

    Many adventures and dangers await you in ASCcity.
    So? Do you dare to try?

    3D Game The Adventures in ASCcity - Free
    3D Game The Adventures in ASCcity - Free 2

    Changelog / Updates:

    • First version: 05/28/2021;
    • Update 1: 05/29/2021;
    • Update 2: 05/30/2021;
    • 1st Review on Google Play Store on 30/05/2021
    • Available on Itch.io and Updated: 01/06/2021 ;
    • Available on Amazon App Store: 06/03/2021;
    • Added English version (Beta): 03 /06/2021;
    • Available on Google Play Store: 03/06/2021;

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